mediaChips-server v0.3.0-alpha


  • Global search for meta and items.
  • Videos on item page.
  • Editing images for item.
  • Dialog with item info (save not working).
  • “Jump to page” button in pagination.
  • Checking for video exists and error dialog.
  • Setting “Number of visible pages in pagination”.


  • Generating images on item page.
  • “Scroll to top” button.
  • Landscape mode for player on touch devices.
  • Player styles for dark mode.


  • Improved design for timeline view of videos.
  • Design of appearance settings.
  • Design of settings for editing meta with type array.
  • Design of dialogs header on mobile.
  • Header on item page.
  • Delay for hovered image.
  • Styles of quick search.

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