mediaChips-server v0.7.0-alpha



  • Metadata type: countries with flags.
  • System bar (OS Windows only).
  • Tabs. You can open a new tab on the item page.
  • Сreating a backup.
  • Cleaning generated images for videos.
  • Automatically generate a default video thumbnail if it is lost.


  • The filter system has moved from the dialog to the sidebar.

mediaChips-server v0.6.0-alpha


Added version for macOS. As well as an installer for Windows. 

Your main database will not be affected as this application is called “mediachips-server”. Be careful when choosing the installation path.

Also added support for multiple databases and language selection. The translation is made only for clarity and how fast the switching works. Full translation will be closer to the full release.

I also added an animation for hovering over the card image. When there are several images in the card and they change on hover, the animation is too intrusive.


  • Installer for Windows and Mac.
  • Support for multiple databases.
  • Switch language.
  • Scale animation for card image on hover.


  • The video playback button has been removed from the card. Click on the picture to open the video.
  • When the image is not available, a gray icon is displayed.

mediaChips-server v0.5.0-alpha

Download: (only for Windows)

I have added new media types to the application. It didn’t take long as I planned it ahead of time. You can add images to the database and then filter, sort and edit. Since I just added them and was in a hurry to share the result, it is not yet possible to add meta to these media.

Soon I will add data type editing. To be able to change file extensions, icon, name, etc. You can also add your own media type.

The migration system took a lot of time, which users will not see at all, but it is necessary to manage the database and keep it up to date. Hope this works as intended.

It also took a long time to adapt watch folders to new media types. I also worked on the appearance of the New and Lost Files dialog. now it looks even cleaner.

There are still a lot of things to do to roll out the server version at least to the beta stage. For example, you need to think over the application backup system. I want backups to be created automatically each time the application is opened. They do not take up much space if only the database without images is saved.

I also want to add support for multiple databases and quickly switch between them while using the application. It should work.

Thank you for following the application and supporting its development.


  • Early support for images, audio and texts (adding to the database, opening in the system).
  • Playback speed.
  • Saving playback time and restoring when opens video.
  • Watched folders (only shows list with new/lost files).
  • Parsing file path for metadata (without settings).
  • Open video in system player.
  • Open folder with file.
  • Migration system to update the database according to the version of the application.

mediaChips-server v0.4.0-alpha

Download: (only for Windows)

You can already fully work with video. Add new, edit. Metadata parsing does not work yet.


  • Importing videos.
  • Creating new items.
  • Stop tasks and run in the background.
  • Fully editable item and media.
  • Restore button in editing dialog.
  • Quick adding items from input field.
  • Context menu for items (draft).
  • Manage marks in the player.


  • Improved styles of items.
  • Header on item page.

mediaChips-server v0.3.0-alpha


  • Global search for meta and items.
  • Videos on item page.
  • Editing images for item.
  • Dialog with item info (save not working).
  • “Jump to page” button in pagination.
  • Checking for video exists and error dialog.
  • Setting “Number of visible pages in pagination”.


  • Generating images on item page.
  • “Scroll to top” button.
  • Landscape mode for player on touch devices.
  • Player styles for dark mode.


  • Improved design for timeline view of videos.
  • Design of appearance settings.
  • Design of settings for editing meta with type array.
  • Design of dialogs header on mobile.
  • Header on item page.
  • Delay for hovered image.
  • Styles of quick search.

mediaChips-server v0.2.0-alpha

The appearance of the player has been completely changed. Now you can quickly scroll through the video using the mouse wheel and function keys.

Download: (only for Windows)


  • Item meta display options.
  • Filter conditions for meta with array type.
  • Item page.
  • Mouse wheel scroll events on the player’s time bar:SHIFT and scroll skips +-10sec CTRL and scrolling skips + -2sec ALT and scroll to navigate marks


  • The appearance of the player with many small details.
  • Appearance of the dialog with filters.
  • The scrollbar has been replaced with a standard, but slightly stylized one.
  • In the appbar, the buttons for the number of pages, item size, item view and display meta are combined into one menu “Item Settings”.

New icon and other small changes

In an attempt to fix the error when closing the application on macOS, I decided to improve the application a little.

Updated app icon. Particular attention was paid to the macOS version.

Old icon
New icon
macOS icon

I did not create a separate version of the application, since there are few changes. Therefore, if the following changes are important to you, then you can download version 0.11.2 again (I replaced the files).


  • Shortkey for quit in macOS (Cmd + Q).


  • App icon.
  • Preload image logo.
  • Default image for cards (it shows a ghost).
  • The app’s default colors are now purple and yellow hues.
  • On macOS, when you close the application, it closes immediately (the error still occurs).
  • Update to the latest version of Electron 17.

Back to developing a self-hosted version. Alpha version 0.2.0 will be released soon.

Just look what a cool player awaits you in this version! 

New look of old player

New update v0.11.2-beta


  • Option for view counting.


  • Checking for new versions.
  • The generation of images was launched with the timeline preview option turned off. #138
  • Slightly optimized application performance during timeline image generation. This was achieved by adding a delay of half a second after the generation of each frame. When generating a frame, the CPU is still used at 100%, but the process of generating one frame is very fast.


Alpha version with local server is available for download

For Windows only. Later for macOS and Linux.

Link to the download page

The portable version extracts itself to a temporary folder, so it doesn’t start immediately.
I recommend downloading the unpacked version to speed up the launch of the application.


Alpha version of self-hosted app will be soon

Since new features appear during the transfer to a new database, I decided to publish an alpha version.

I want those users who follow the development to see the progress and be able to try out new features for themselves.

So far, the differences from the last working (0.11.1-beta) are small, but they are:

– endless scrolling. pagination remains. you can switch between these two types of item display on the page. from my own experience of using it, I can say that by making infinite scrolling by default, I stopped using pagination.

– added “AND”, “OR” conditions between filter rows. I hope that in the future I will be able to go further and make the conditions even more detailed so that I can filter like (A = 1 “AND” B = 1) “OR” A = 2, etc.

I also work on the design to make the application look more modern and aesthetically pleasing. Since the application will be available from any device, I adjust the appearance to fit all screens.

When I publish the alpha version, I will definitely notify you in all our communities. Thank you for watching and helping the app grow.