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List of changes in version 0.10.6-beta HotFix


  • Migration, which prevented many functions of the application from working. #120
  • Opening card page #93

List of changes in version 0.10.5-beta


  • Dynamic playlists based on saved video filters.
  • Saved filters under the heading with the option to turn off in the settings.
  • Dropzone for adding videos. Drag a video or folder to the page to quickly jump into the video adding process (on the home page, the meta card page and the videos page).
  • Color and country are now available when editing multiple meta cards.
  • A page with files where you can view the files on your computer. Images can be opened in the built-in viewer.*
  • Automatic creation of a backup (only databases, no pictures) every half hour.
  • The number of views for the video and the date it was last viewed. You can sort videos by these parameters. The data can be viewed in the video editing dialog.
  • Widget with 10 most viewed videos.
  • The size of the generated images in the settings on the database tab.
  • Added version of the database in the status bar.
  • On the meta card page:
    • An option in the settings that allows you to display the header image either in front of the profile or behind the profile.


  • Clears the search text in the text box after adding a value. #79
  • The zoom was not saved if it was changed from the system menu on macOS.
  • After adding a marker in the built-in player, a new meta value was added to the end. It is now added in alphabetical order.
  • If the tabs do not fit, then the tab navigation arrows did not appear.
  • Data parser for
  • The state of the widgets was saved incorrectly after customization.


  • Removed sidebar position option – hidden.
  • Reduced the font size and indents of the page headings to save space. It also shows the number of filtered items and how many items in total.
  • For video cards, the tooltip above the meta icon has been replaced with pop-up text. This sped up performance a bit.
  • Switching the sorting direction by clicking on the active sorting option.
  • On the home page:
    • Removed second button “Customize Widgets”.
    • At the first launch, dialogs are combined with the creation of meta and the creation of the most popular cards.
  • On the meta card page:
    • If there are no images, then images from the video are shown, if any.

*experimental function, to see it you need to activate the option in the settings.


Added: In the meta settings, there is a dialog with a choice and a quick search by icon. Quick filter for meta …

Added: Open duplicate videos in a new tab. So far, duplicates are recognized by the same file size. Rating and favorites in …

The application is renamed to MediaChips. Added: Actions by clicking on chips (filter, go to the page). Also an additional action by …


Q: I found a bug / I want to add a new function
A: Open the issue on GitHub. Or write in one of the communities (from most popular to least): Discord, Patreon, Reddit.

Q: Are you planning to support images?
A: Yes. I’ll get to that soon.

Q: When will the app appear in official stores?
A: When the app is out of beta. For this I need to add all the necessary features like support for images, support for all video formats, etc.

Q: Where can I find out what features will be added?
A: There is a roadmap to GitHub.

Q: Where can I see the history of changes?
A: On GitHub, in the releases section.