Download mediaChips v0.11.1-beta​


Format .dmg


Format .AppImage​

The app is unsigned but safe to use. Verified by Softpedia

Alpha version of self-hosted app will be available soon

List of changes in version 0.11.1-beta


  • In the context menu for video cards, the item “Play in the system player” has been added and the item for adding to the playlist has been changed.


  • Start generating images for storyboard.
  • Filters dialog did not work due to incorrect migration.


  • Removed “Select All Items” function due to incompatibility with the current version of the plugin.
  • Reduced padding for fast filters.


Recently, I have been mainly working on adding the application to the Microsoft store and, apparently, work there for another week. Because …

Fixed: Migration, which prevented many functions of the application from working. #120 Opening card page #93

Added: Dynamic playlists based on saved video filters. Saved filters under the heading with the option to turn off in the settings. …


Q: I found a bug / I want to add a new function
A: Open the issue on GitHub. Or write in one of the communities (from most popular to least): Discord, Patreon, Reddit.

Q: Are you planning to support images?
A: Yes. I’ll get to that soon.

Q: When will the app appear in official stores?
A: When the app is out of beta. For this I need to add all the necessary features like support for images, support for all video formats, etc.

Q: Where can I find out what features will be added?
A: There is a roadmap to GitHub.

Q: Where can I see the history of changes?
A: On GitHub, in the releases section.