Media Chips​

your large media library with ease

Media + Chips

Chips (aka metadata) are pieces of information that you can add to your media files.

Chips can be tags, ratings, favorites, bookmarks, text, dates, numbers, etc.

Each chip can be customized in detail. And even more – you can add one chip to another!



Once added to the app, your videos will appear as cards with chips (metadata) added to them.

Video preview on hover, playback in the built-in or system player.

Add them to playlists or use dynamic playlists.

Filter & Sort

Detailed filtering by any parameter or chips (metadata).

Saving and loading filters.

Quick filters, favorites, search.

Sorting by many parameters and metadata.


You can create a new type of chips (metadata) and customize it to suit your needs. For example actors, places, dates, numbers, colors, ratings.

Chips can be customized in detail: you can add pictures, color, country, text, numbers … and even other chips to them.

Open source

The app is completely transparent.

It does not collect your data and does not send it anywhere.

If you are a developer, then you can add new functions to suit your needs.


Available for MacOS, Windows, Linux

Other features

  • Customize the appearance of the application: colors, fonts, menus, elements, etc.
  • Tabs with pages and meta cards
  • Watching folders for new and lost videos
  • File operations: move, delete, open folder with video
  • Password protection
  • Find duplicates by file size
  • Optimized for adult content

Customer Review


I’m a filmmaker, and there are a lot of people like me after an app like mediaChips. The software is very nice with cool features. Not everyone likes working with the confusing and heavy Adobe Bridge, so mediaChips strikes me as the only one in its niche. The program is awesome to organize the many raw video files before making a montage in Premiere/Da Vinci. In particular, I highlight the bookmark feature, which does not exist in Adobe Bridge, which allows me to insert a descriptive comment on the video (“good shot, with ambient sound but with a blur at the end”, for example).

It is simple, full of visual resources and practical just for that: decoupage, when we need to see dozens of takes, organize them, choose the best ones and within them what will be used.The strip view mode is very handy for finding the text of the take that can be used, and including a comment.

It is a very light program, and as it is new, the trend is that new features will appear soon. For example, being able to list the comments (bookmarks) made in the takes, with perhaps the issuance of a report, is something easy to implement and I hope it will be implemented soon.

The program already reads several video formats, the main ones in the industry, but some still doesn’t play on its more practical internal player. This does not affect the usability of the program, but it is something that should be implemented in new versions. The program developer is someone who shows to be very interested in the improvement of the program, and has responded to demands and suggestions made to the program. This is rare and very good for users.

The program has its portable version, which makes it much easier when we are going to do field logging of a production, and we don’t take our personal equipment. Anyway, for a program that emerged as an organizer of erotic videos, mediaChips grew and found its true vocation, in a field where there is an immense lack of software like it, the organization and decoupage of takes during an audiovisual production. If you don’t want to bet on an expensive system, oversized for this decoupage of files, confusing and sometimes lacking in visual resources, mediaChipis is a very affordable solution, it has everything you need (and that you don’t find in big software) , without paying for features you’ll never use.

A beautiful story of a software that found its vocation in an audiovisual niche that was abandoned and despised. Long live mediaChips!

Manoel Leite



New update v0.11.1-beta

Added: In the context menu for video cards, the item “Play in the system player” has been added and the item for …

I want to share my news and thoughts with you. First, some good news:The app has been added to the Microsoft store. …

Added: Support for movies. #41 Guide in documentation. Sort videos by resolution (only by height). Storyboard view for videos and compact view for meta …

New in MediaChips-server v0.7.0


  • Built-in video player
  • Port for Linux and macOS
  • Meta system
  • Movie covers
  • Self-hosted version
    Work in progress
  • Image galleries
  • Support for other file extensions
  • Fix unsupported video formats
  • Full release


Q: I found a bug / I want to add a new function
A: Open the issue on GitHub. Or write in one of the communities (from most popular to least): Discord, Reddit.

Q: Are you planning to support images?
A: Yes. I’ll get to that soon.

Q: When will the app appear in official stores?
A: When the app is out of beta. For this I need to add all the necessary features like support for images, support for all video formats, etc.

Q: Where can I find out what features will be added?
A: There is a roadmap to GitHub.

Q: Where can I see the history of changes?
A: On GitHub, in the releases section.

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