New verison available! mediaChips v0.10.1-beta (Ivy)


  • Open duplicate videos in a new tab. So far, duplicates are recognized by the same file size.
  • Rating and favorites in the meta card editing dialog.
  • Option to disable data update from videos at the end of the process of adding new videos.
  • Option to show icons instead of text for applied filters.
  • System menu for MacOS and Linux.
  • New items in system menu:
    • Check for Updates
    • Documentation
    • Toggle Developer Tools
    • About


  • Parsing of synonyms. Be careful – now, when parsing, a lot of meta can be added. Read the documentation to understand how the documentation works, or read the tips inside the application.
  • Updating ratings and favorites for meta cards and on the meta card page.
  • Margin in pagination container for videos page. Now more compact.
  • Header image on meta card page.


  • Application Icon.
  • Removed icons with a cross on applied filters. Added a hover hint about the ability to remove a filter.
  • The meta list is split into two lists with complex and simple meta for convenience.
  • For each meta, the assigned meta is shown. Removed service information about meta: id, date of adding and editing.

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