New verison available! mediaChips v0.10.2-beta (Jade)


  • In the meta settings, there is a dialog with a choice and a quick search by icon.
  • Quick filter for meta cards by color.
  • Ability to choose which folders to watch.
  • Reassign the order of the meta in the navbar. Works only if the navbar is on the side.
  • Option to display experimental functions.


  • Dynamically updating the size of meta cards when the application is first launched.
  • Dynamically updating the meta list.
  • Filter by bookmarks for meta cards.
  • Initializing the sorting state on the video page.
  • The scraper would sometimes show empty values ​​in fields that were already filled in.
  • When adding a new playlist, sometimes videos from other playlists were added to it.
  • When scraping the data, the image for the last card did not have time to be processed.
  • Rating and favorites are displayed in the card description and for meta cards, if the corresponding option is selected.


  • The quick filter by the first letter combines the “symbol” and “number” buttons.
  • Added separators in navbar.
  • Removed setting for meta cards that allowed images to be disabled.
  • On meta cards, the meta title tooltip has been replaced with a system tooltip to improve performance.

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