mediaChips-server v0.5.0-alpha

Download: (only for Windows)

I have added new media types to the application. It didn’t take long as I planned it ahead of time. You can add images to the database and then filter, sort and edit. Since I just added them and was in a hurry to share the result, it is not yet possible to add meta to these media.

Soon I will add data type editing. To be able to change file extensions, icon, name, etc. You can also add your own media type.

The migration system took a lot of time, which users will not see at all, but it is necessary to manage the database and keep it up to date. Hope this works as intended.

It also took a long time to adapt watch folders to new media types. I also worked on the appearance of the New and Lost Files dialog. now it looks even cleaner.

There are still a lot of things to do to roll out the server version at least to the beta stage. For example, you need to think over the application backup system. I want backups to be created automatically each time the application is opened. They do not take up much space if only the database without images is saved.

I also want to add support for multiple databases and quickly switch between them while using the application. It should work.

Thank you for following the application and supporting its development.


  • Early support for images, audio and texts (adding to the database, opening in the system).
  • Playback speed.
  • Saving playback time and restoring when opens video.
  • Watched folders (only shows list with new/lost files).
  • Parsing file path for metadata (without settings).
  • Open video in system player.
  • Open folder with file.
  • Migration system to update the database according to the version of the application.

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