mediaChips-server v0.6.0-alpha


Added version for macOS. As well as an installer for Windows. 

Your main database will not be affected as this application is called “mediachips-server”. Be careful when choosing the installation path.

Also added support for multiple databases and language selection. The translation is made only for clarity and how fast the switching works. Full translation will be closer to the full release.

I also added an animation for hovering over the card image. When there are several images in the card and they change on hover, the animation is too intrusive.


  • Installer for Windows and Mac.
  • Support for multiple databases.
  • Switch language.
  • Scale animation for card image on hover.


  • The video playback button has been removed from the card. Click on the picture to open the video.
  • When the image is not available, a gray icon is displayed.

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