Simplifying the meta and moving towards a more minimal app design

Redesigned the meta list.  
Now there will be no division into complex and simple meta.  
Complex meta and simple meta with type “array” are now combined.  
I think you’re already confused and that’s why I decided to simplify the meta.

Old design

And also the application will now be more minimalistic and not so full of colors.
But you can still change the colors to your liking.

This is just a small change along the way, transferring the database to SQLite and the self-hosted version.

Types of meta
Settings for array type

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Does that mean that complex meta are going away? According to your screenshots, the forms allowing to build complex meta from simple data blocks seem to be gone. Could you confirm this point ? Complex metas are an important feature for me.

Thank you!

Complex meta renamed to array.
Now there is no division into complex meta and simple.
I have added a screenshot with settings for the array type.
This is not the final version, so some options are not yet available.

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