Alpha version of self-hosted app will be soon

Since new features appear during the transfer to a new database, I decided to publish an alpha version.

I want those users who follow the development to see the progress and be able to try out new features for themselves.

So far, the differences from the last working (0.11.1-beta) are small, but they are:

– endless scrolling. pagination remains. you can switch between these two types of item display on the page. from my own experience of using it, I can say that by making infinite scrolling by default, I stopped using pagination.

– added “AND”, “OR” conditions between filter rows. I hope that in the future I will be able to go further and make the conditions even more detailed so that I can filter like (A = 1 “AND” B = 1) “OR” A = 2, etc.

I also work on the design to make the application look more modern and aesthetically pleasing. Since the application will be available from any device, I adjust the appearance to fit all screens.

When I publish the alpha version, I will definitely notify you in all our communities. Thank you for watching and helping the app grow.

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