How to add movies

First you need to add a new meta.
To do this, go to the settings, to the Meta tab.
Click the Add New Meta button.
Select “Complex Meta”.
Fill in the data as in the picture or as you like. It doesn’t really matter.
Click the Add button.

Settings of the Movies meta

After that, the Movie meta will appear in the list of complex meta.
Hover over it and click edit.

In the settings, choose the options you want, but most importantly, choose the ratio for the image 2:3, which matches the DVD cover. Click the “Save” button.

Without leaving the settings, go to the video tab and assign the added meta to the video.

Here already added Movies meta to the videos

Go to the Meta Movie page and add new ones.
Fill in the details of the movies, add covers.

Go to the video page, open the video editing dialog.
Add movies to videos.
It’s all.

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