Migration from AVDB app

If you are using v0.9.0 – 0.9.3 and have already migrated to the new meta system: #

1. Make a backup in the AVDB application.

2. Export it. Close the AVDB application.

3. Open the MediaChips app, import the backup.

4. Recover from the backup.

If you are using an application older than v0.9.0: #

1. Install the next version of the application after the installed one. You can find out the version of the application in the settings, on the “About” tab. Each version since 0.8.0 has its own name in alphabetical order (Angela, Bobby, Carter, Dani, etc.). You can download old versions from the direct link to GitHub.

2. After installation, launch the application and take a close look at the home page (opens by default when the application is launched). If it contains notifications about the transfer of your data with the corresponding data update button, then click this button and wait until the update is completed.

3. Close the application and repeat steps 1-2 until you have installed the latest version of the application. 

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